Big pile of shit from Diana!

Lady Diana loves using her slave as a toilet. She likes to humiliate her slave and to goof on him. Diana ate a lot yesterday, so a huge dinner of tasty shit is prepared for the slave. The slave is laying down and Diana shits on his face. A huge amount of shit for the slave. She smears it over his face. After that she sits upon his face to make him splutter with shit. The slave suffocates with a beautiful ass of the Mistress. Download Big pile of shit from Diana! movie

Piss for three

Princess neomi whips the three slave kneeling down to her feet. then she piss a lot to the floor and the idiots have to drink all the piss from the floor while she continue whipping them! Download Piss for three movie

Prison Warden Pukes and Pisses on Prisoner

Today, the prison warden has already delivered her shit into the mouths of other prisoners. She knows that she can only deliver so much shit and there is not enough to go around for all. Knowing this, she has other tricks ready to punish her slaves with and today it will be freshly puked vomit into the slaves mouth. She rubs it all across the prisoners face and pokes he fingers deep into his throat to provoke vomit of his own which will be mixed with her own. After this, she stands above and showers him in her golden piss. Download Prison Warden Pukes and Pisses on Prisoner movie

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