Diarrhea in sexy outfit

Today again weekend ! Godess alone at home .. . cannot call her toilets . . .what to do ? Going in her dungeon room, she create a sexy and relaxing atmosphere to can make a good meal for her toilets . . .She just shit slowly and pissing into a bowl to relieve the presupre from her stomach. And feeling so good after that . . .sexy pink panty fitting on her asshole . .. great view for members who adore Godess asshole ! Download Diarrhea in sexy outfit movie

The smell of Mistress Gaia HD VERSION

The male slave is alone in the room and finds unworn panties of the mistress. He starts smelling it. Suddenly the mistress enters the room. She is dressed in latex. What are you doing? – you little pervert! Nothing mistress. Nothing? Looks like you are into panties. Ill tell you what – Ive been clubbing all night. Can you imagine how my worn latex panties smell like right now?! Get on that spanking bench. The mistress gives him 10 heavy strokes with the cane for smelling the panties. After that the slave is fixed on a cross. He has to wear nipple clamps. The mistress puts her heavy worn latex panties over the slaves face. And now you are going to tell me what you smell. Im quite sure you are familiar with the female anatomy. I can smell your pussy juices, sweat and the scent of your ass. Good boy – and know lick my dirty panties clean. The slave cleans the panties with his tongue while the mistress plays with his nipples. Suddenly the mistress fills a dog bowl with her divine shit and champagne. Can you clean that bowl for me too? I didnt want to use the toilet in the club. The slave is afraid. Oh, you have never eaten scat before? Lucky you – maybe you need another lashing. Get on that spanking bench. The slave is secured to the bench and the slave gets another 10 strokes and now the lady starts feeding him in her seductive way directly on the spanking bench with her scat. He has no way to escape…and has to eat and drink everything… Download The smell of Mistress Gaia HD VERSION movie

Well take it all away

Along with Miss Cherie and Sweet Baby I overwhelm a stinking, drunk, homeless bum. This fucking guy had it even money * laugh *. We have of course taken from him and harassed him look for his miserable. Its mouth he could only open to swallow my piss and the vomit of Miss Cherie. Its mouth he could only open to swallow my piss and the vomit of Miss Cherie. Our snot and a pair of kicks, there was this victim still free to * laugh *. Download Well take it all away movie

Scat Coaching: Toilet Slavery!

You are a toilet slave at heart. You desire nothing more than to be lying under a womans ass waiting patiently for her to push out a nice big load of shit right into your mouth! But you are just not ready yet, are you. You still gag and choke or you are unable to swallow a womans shit. As a toilet slave its your duty to eat poop. That is your only purpose in life. I know how hard it is to eat shit. But you must do it. I will help you be a good toilet slave. I will help you relax and put you in the right frame of mind. Then I will shit right into your mouth. You will be a good toilet slave and you will eat it all! You will chew all of my shit and swallow it down. I know its hard but you are a toilet slave. Listen to me. Do exactly as I say and you will be a good toilet slave in no time! Enjoy! Download Scat Coaching: Toilet Slavery! movie

Eat it, Toilet Slave (GoPro)

Are you a hungry toilet slave? Ready for a nice fresh load, straight from my tight little asshole!? Are you ready to see as butthole open up!? Listen to me as I tell you what I want from you. I want you to be a good toilet slave and do everything I tell you to do! You are going to lay under my full ass and keep your mouth wide open! You will eat everything I give you! And you are going to love it! Filmed with my GoPro! Download Eat it, Toilet Slave (GoPro) movie

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