You almost ate my SCAT!!!

It was just an ordinary day at work when a customer enters and he orders his food but keep changing his mind! Before he arrived I already needed to go to the toilet and now I am even more desperate. He changes his order a few times and I can no longer hold my shit :(( So it all came out at once. The smell was horrid and my boss even smelt it from the kitchen!!! The annoying customer left because of the foul smell of my poop! I had to clean the floor where all my poop popped out of my silk panties, shit I just bought these too! Now its soaked with my stinky shit!!! If I ever keep my job and that customer comes back I will definitely mix my shit in his food and SERVE it with a smile. Download You almost ate my SCAT!!! movie

Gang of troubled schoolgirls! Part 1

PART 1 NON HD – This new girl is a new target for these troubled girls! They stripped her naked in the whole classroom for everyone to see but thats not the only humiliation shell be getting today.. The nasty girls continue tormenting her, biting her nipples, pinching her and doing all kinds of mocking! They all grab her into the table and start to stimulate her pussy by inserting their lunch sausages inside her vagina!!! The girl moan in pleasure and in humiliation. They carried on as it pleases them the more she cries for mercy. Download Gang of troubled schoolgirls! Part 1 movie

Vomit Cats 04

Its time again to go to the bathroom and vomiting in the face of our slave! What he can not eat instantlly, he must lick from the floor, while we trample on him and piss on him! Download Vomit Cats 04 movie

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