Scat Coaching: Toilet Slavery! (GoPro)

You are a toilet slave at heart. You desire nothing more than to be lying under a womans ass waiting patiently for her to push out a nice big load of shit right into your mouth! But you are just not ready yet, are you. You still gag and choke or you are unable to swallow a womans shit. As a toilet slave its your duty to eat poop. That is your only purpose in life. I know how hard it is to eat shit. But you must do it. I will help you be a good toilet slave. I will help you relax and put you in the right frame of mind. Then I will shit right into your mouth. You will be a good toilet slave and you will eat it all! You will chew all of my shit and swallow it down. I know its hard but you are a toilet slave. Listen to me. Do exactly as I say and you will be a good toilet slave in no time! Enjoy! Download Scat Coaching: Toilet Slavery! (GoPro) movie

Scatfest! – Full Movie

Its not enough for this man to have just one mistress…he needs several! He doesnt want just mistresses…he wants dominants! So one day, he invites them all to his playroom and asks them to piss and shit on his pathetic body. They restrain him so he looks just like a human toilet. The girls took turns pissing and shitting on him and soon hes head is drowning in pee and poop mix! Disgusting, but he loves it! Download Scatfest! – Full Movie movie


This is the first training session for a slave who wants to become my personal toilet. Surely, the first time is tough! But he must get used to swallow all my divine shit, even the small pieces that fall to the floor. My shit, in fact, is something precious, a holy relic to venerate and adore that you can not throw away. If this slave will pass this first test, I will let him masturbate. Download MISTRESS GAIA – FIRST TRAINING SESSION movie

I shit in my outdoor toilet

Meanwhile, I have so many toilets that I have to start to place them at all places. In the office, at the gym, at home, in almost all cities and from today is also a toilet in the woods where I sometimes take a walk with the dog. On certain days these toilets must as all morning or evening depending on when I need to shit be ready. This means lie down and wait with open mouth on the mistress shit. If I have to shit I use these objects. Like today, when I was in the forest. Very cool if you always have your toilet in the near! Download I shit in my outdoor toilet movie

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