Horny Slut Farts!

I am a horny farting slut! I get so turned on and aroused when I have nasty, smelly gas! It just feels so good to fart! To release all of the pressure! I have some fun toys to play with as Im farting for you! I start by rubbing my wet, horny cunt each time I fart. Then I get my hitatchi out and turn it on after every fart! It feels so good to feel that vibrator on my clit as I fart and fart and fart! I also have a pretty jeweled butt plug! I stuff the plug in my ass. I can feel a fart in my ass. It wants to escape so bad but its trapped behind the plug. I push really hard and I can feel and hear my fart escape around the anal plug in my ass! Oh it feels amazing! I love farting like the dirty horny slut that I am! Enjoy! Download Horny Slut Farts! movie

Socks, feet, sweat, spit and piss

After a long day, we let the slave take off our sweaty socks, but he was allowed to do this, of course only with his mouth. To ensure that our feet do not stink, he licked all six feet extensively clean. We then used his mouth as a spittoon. Miss Jane and Cherie had later also to go to pee, what both completed directly through his skull. This has a good slave to endure, at the end he certainly smelled his mistresses *smile*. Download Socks, feet, sweat, spit and piss movie


Sequel of video 260.0 and 260.1. Im in Milaan with my favourite wc slave but… my poo is so hard, so hard and so hard that is like impossible to do it! So you have a lot of anal movement with my slave ready under my ass with the mouth open! At the end someting like a bullet exit from my anus!!!!!! Nice pissing at the begins of the clip! MP4 Download 260.2 ANAL MOVEMENT movie

Princess Jenny Scat Facesitting choke suffocation farting

1. Jenny did a crap on her slave in the bathroom I decided to take a bath, but I wanted to take a crap. Thats so great that I have my personal slave. This jerk is lying on the bathroom floor with his mouth open and waiting when I will feed him. I spit in his face, then I relieve myself, I place shit in his mouth with pleasure, I like to watch how this wanker eats my shit, next time Ill make him eat right from the toilet. To be continued! 2. Princess Jenny Facesitting choke suffocation farting Download Princess Jenny Scat Facesitting choke suffocation farting movie

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