Mistress Roberta – Small breakfast and shit bath thub full- pov

Today i will not give you a feast my toilet slave but i will make your day happy so fisrt part of this video is about you poor breakfast me peeing on the floor , shitting in the jar just a bit so you wont be hungry but in the second part of this video is me preparing your bath thub first i am shitting in it a big pile of shit i let you eat from it and after you finish i clean my ass in the bath thub and give you a brown bath . Download Mistress Roberta – Small breakfast and shit bath thub full- pov movie

Hot Girls abused male Toilet – Incredible scat torture

The male toilet is beaten, kicked and tortured. Again and again shits on his face and into his mouth. Under merciless orders, he was torture to swallow the shit. Brutally, the shit will be stuffed into his cum. The worst is the extreme piss and scat torture. Everyone knows how hard it is to breathe with a wet cloth on the face. Especially when the mouth is full of shit and then the girls piss in his nose. A really incredibly hard scat torture! Main thing the ladies had their fun and could properly run on the slave! Download Hot Girls abused male Toilet – Incredible scat torture movie

Big shit and massage my rosette

In my sexy Nylons i lying on the floor!! You want my shit? You Love my stinky and smeary asshole…..i massage my rosette,ahhh,then i shit two long soft sausages!! I massage the smeary asshole,is so good feeling!! Want you lick my clean? You became so dirty Fantasies!!The big shit you can see so near with my zoom….. Download Big shit and massage my rosette movie


You are dressed in black high-heel leather boots, skin-tight white trouser and a black (leather) top. In a cage is a hogtied and gagged male slave. You let the male slave out of the cage and untie him. You put a leash on his collar and lead him towards a bowl filled with your divine caviar. You make him kneel before the bowl and let him smell the caviar. Then he you give him a toothbrush and order him to use the caviar as his toothpaste, you offer him your delicious golden nectar to rinse his mouth with, but of course he must swallow it all. You make him do this one more time, before you tie his hands behind his back and afterwards you sit down on a chair and step into the shit with the sole of your boots and make the male slave lick the sole clean while you laugh at him. After a couple of repeats and when your soles are clean, you order him to eat the remaining shit out of the bowl while being on his knees. To make it a little harder, he has to show you how much shit he has in his mouth. Not before you are satisfied with the quantity of caviar in his mouth he is allowed to chew, however he must chew as long as you order him to swallow. During the chewing you spit in his face a couple of times. Pls. secure forcibly that everything is eaten and properly chewed and the bowl is licked clean Download MISTRESS GAIA – BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH MY SHIT! movie

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