I have my scat slut in my dungeon for a couple of hours. Hes going to experience some of my delightful pleasures. I have him on a leash just to make sure he obeys me. I begin with him licking my shoes, its a good discipline for any slave. There are two dog bowls, one for my piss and the other for my shit. This slut is going to drink, and eat, until both bowls are licked nice and clean. Im also going to use my strapon on him. Making sure his ass is opened nice and wide for me. I do enjoy those squeals as I go all the way in. I get him to sit on the strapon, buttplug style. Its amusing to see him suffer. Then I feed him my shit, making sure he chews and swallows it. I allow him to masturbate with his cum over my shit in the bowl, and instruct him to eat all of it. What a lucky SLUT… Download MISTRESS GAIA – SCAT DOG BOWL SLUT – HD version movie

A Week of Shit!

I love shitting! I love that wonderful feeling I get my my shit hole opens up and I push out a nice big load of poop! For this amazing video I?ve recorded every single shit I took this week! Seven hot, steamy loads of shit! Day 1: I shit out a nice sized turd while laying on my back and talking dirty to you! Day 2: I sit on the edge of my tub so it is like you are looking up at my big, shitting asshole! Day 3:Watch a I back my ass up so close to the camera. I get so close so you can see every detail of that nice big load of fresh poop! Day 4: I am out on my balcony. I have to be quite so no one hears me! I lean over the railing and pop my ass out! I don?t even need to push! All of this wet chocolate come pouring out of my ass! Woah! It?s a huge moist pile of poop! Day 5: I give you a very nice view of my poop! I sit on my camp toilet with the camera below my asshole! It looks like I am sitting on you! Check out the little dingle berry that just does not want to fall! Day 6: Today I am having trouble pooping. I feel a nice big load in my ass but it just does not want to come out! I have to work hard to get these turds out! But I feel much better when I do! Day 7: Hurray! It?s finally day seven! I have quite the surprise for you! I have save all the shit from the last six days! Now I?ve got it in my hands! I am ready to poop out the seventh load right on top of my six loads of poop! Download A Week of Shit! movie

Mask Party Turns Into a Puke Extravaganza! – Full Movie

Little did this old man know that the masked babes that he hired are nasty bitches who love to puke, shit, and piss on anyone and anything, anywhere! So they spit on the glass and makes him drink it! He obeys willingly and takes it all in! Afterwards, the bitches take turns pissing on him and he just sits there, letting it all rain on him! Download Mask Party Turns Into a Puke Extravaganza! – Full Movie movie


Today is a special day for my toilet slave. In fact, in addition to being swamped by an avalanche of shit, I shit straight in the mouth, he will have the honor of receiving the piss in the face of my friend. A delicious mixture, kindly offered by two young women … but maybe because of the amount of shit really exaggerated, or for the humiliation inflicted by the presence of my young friend, the slave can not eat it all … and even to cum on command! But in order to get out of there, Ill give him two choices: finish eating it, or cum with the whole mouth full of shit! Download MISTRESS GAIA – DOUBLE TOILET DOMINATION – mobile version movie

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