Lady Alysha-Black Lady

Black Lady means to be a more cruel bitch then Lady Alysha. Both Ladys wants to find out wich one is more cruel. First they use santa claus as a slave by pissing in his mouth then they starts to slap each other faces, spit on each other… wach it and decide who is the more dirty bitch…. Download Lady Alysha-Black Lady movie

Mistress stroke shitty cock with her diarrhea

Today Mistress was so horny !!! She ordered to her slave to get a huge toy and sit on it for her pleasure. After humiliating him like that, she put him to suck it then use his mouth for his toilet daily duty ! He drink her torrent of piss and Godess filling his open wide mouth with a enormous diarrhea !! For the final, Godess take his cock in her hand and stroke it until the toilet release his sperm, also for Godess pleasure !! Download Mistress stroke shitty cock with her diarrhea movie

OWNED by FOUR Mistress! – Part 1 movie

Part 1… Four Mistresses slave is absolutely humiliated! Set in their private schoolroom, this slave is in for a great pain! He gets whip hard and Mistresses stomp on him with their sharp high heels. While one of them squatted, had a piss right in his mouth and produces a BIG TURD that he let fall off the floor, so he gets punished for that! He needs to eat it and swallow it Mistresses are so strict that he is helplessly following their orders! Download OWNED by FOUR Mistress! – Part 1 movie movie

A new model Miranda with a big ass shits servant in the mouth

A lot of shit goes from her big ass right into his mouth. At this moment Erin is resting on the bed. Now that Miranda hasshit, two girls smear the shit on the slaves face. Then a slave thoroughly licks the shoes of Miranda and Erins feet. Extremely delicious feet of Erin covered with chocolate flavored shitof Miranda. Download A new model Miranda with a big ass shits servant in the mouth movie

Standing Poop

I love to poop while I?m standing up! I just reach back, pull my ass cheeks apart, and let my shit fly! I love hearing it plop on the ground! It?s so hot when my shit splatters on my floor! I?ve got one brand new standing poop for you plus all my old favorites! I?ve got an amazing collection of standing shits for you today! So many different loads of my big, stinky poop! I hope you love them all! Enjoy! Download Standing Poop movie

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