Belly Poop Love

Its time to poop again! Check out this position! Head down and ass up! What a great view as this massive, giant turd slowly pushes its way out of my ass and falls between my ass cheeks and onto the floor! Woah! its a big one! A long, moist turd perfect for smearing! I pick up my big poop and I start to smear it all over my big belly! I love my belly! Its so perfect and round and soft! It feels so good to touch it and play with it! I find my curves are so sexy. I feel like a beautiful scat goddess! My big round belly looks so beautiful covered in my stinky poo! Then I start to cover my big, low hanging tits! They look like udders! But they feel so amazing with my poop smeared all over them! Once they are completely covered I pick one up and lick my boob! Mmmm! I love the taste of my shit! I even get some poop on my face! Hot! I get up on my hands and knees and swing my tits and belly around! It feels so good to feel my boobs and belly hanging and swinging around especially since there is so much poop on them too! I am a very happy poop lover! Download Belly Poop Love movie

Spy Cam Catches Women Shitting Cluelessly in Public Toilets!

Public restrooms are so common in the city that women have no qualms going there to take a dump. What they didnt know is that some of these restrooms have spy cams in there, waiting to record women in the act of unloading their shit. Everyday, the cam sees types of asses and different types of scat being unloaded into the toilet bowls. Maybe you can look for this spy cams and check out all the scatting action! Download Spy Cam Catches Women Shitting Cluelessly in Public Toilets! movie

Corn Poop and Play!

Do you want to watch as I shit out a big corn filled load out right into my own hand!? Do you want to see my little shithole open up and stretch as my turds slowly get pushed out of my hole! It is so hot to see such big, thick turds come out of such a small hole! Once my turds are out I marvel at the corn stuck in my shit! I ate that corn just a few days ago! And now it is in my poop! I love being able to see my food in my poop! I pull out a undigested kernel. I wonder how it will taste. Will it taste like my poop or like the corn I ate a few days ago? I pop it in my mouth to find out! Mmm! Its very poop flavored! I swallow the corn down! I just ate corn that I ate a few days ago and then shit out! Soon, Ill be pooping it out again!!! That is so freaking hot! I grab big chunks of my corny shit and smear it all over my tits and belly and legs as I talk dirty to you! I cover my body in my fresh warm shit! I love the feeling and I love knowing that you are watching me be such a nasty scat lover! I want to eat more of my shit! I pick up a nice little turd and pop it into my mouth! It takes a little while and a lot of gagging but I finally swallow the turd! Mmm! I love my shit! I love to eat it and feel it in my belly! I want you to watch me play with my shit! I want you to see me eat my shit! I love sharing my nasty fun with you! Enjoy! Download Corn Poop and Play! movie

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