Poop in the Mouth of the Licking Slave Part1

Lady Angy has for some time the key and can surprise the slaves at any time. She calls briefly before she opens the door and tells the toilet slave how he has to wait for her. When Lady Angie enters the room, the slave kneels on the floor with his head down. The slave must lick their feet first, then her pussy and her asshole. Suddenly Lady Angie must poop and shits a big soft pile in his slaves mouth. Download Poop in the Mouth of the Licking Slave Part1 movie

a toilet for 2 girls

Princess Tina and Princess Nikki piss in a bowl first, Princess Tina is so cute when she orders the slave to drink the piss like a dog! Later at the day both girls decide to piss in slaves mouth once again, this time directly in his mouth! Download a toilet for 2 girls movie

25 Loads! Shit and Face Smear

This is the second installment of my 25 load adventure! I know you thought 25 loads was a lit but Ive got another load of poop for you! This time its a fresh warm turd! And this fresh load of poop is going all over my face! Ive saved this load of poop for the best part! I love smearing shit all over my face! It feels so dirty and hot! And I love how all I can smell is my shit! My fresh shit, and these 25 loads of collected poop! Enjoy! Ive filmed this adventure with my normal camera and my GoPro so you get to see two different, amazing angles all in one video! Download 25 Loads! Shit and Face Smear movie

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