Shitty Hygine

It?s time to brush my teeth. Oh no! I ran out of tooth paste! Luckily, I know where to get some more! I take my tooth brush and I shove it up my ass! I?ve got a nice big load of poop up my ass that I can use as tooth paste! I pull my ass cheeks apart and I push out a huge load right on top of my tooth brush! It?s the perfect consistency for smearing! It looks just like brown tooth paste! Perfect for brushing my teeth with! I get my tooth brush coated with poop and I thoroughly brush my teeth! I get them all covered and ?cleaned? with my delicious brown paste! It isn?t long before I start gagging! I just giggle and keep on brushing. I make sure to get my tongue too! I notice that I am starting to make a mess! I have drool and shit running down my face and my tits and belly! I?ve got my teeth cleaned, now it?s time to get the rest of my body cleaned! I pull out a cute little bath puff and smear it in my fresh, warm poop! This will get my body cleaned! I rub my body with the poo puff! It?s like lathering my body in soap, except I?m using poop! Feeling my shit all over my body and tasting my poop after brushing my teeth is getting me so turned on! I take the shitty puff and rub my pussy with it! I even use my poo tooth brush on my clit! Check out my happy orgasm and all my nasty fun! Download Shitty Hygine movie

Humiliating Skidmark Panties!

I was out to dinner with my family when I sneezed so hard I felt a little bit of poop pop out of my ass! I had to sit there with poop squishing around in my panties! I was so embarrassed and humiliated! I cant believe that I cant control my own shithole! Just a hard sneeze and a bit of poop flew out of my ass! Then I had to sit there at dinner with my family hoping that no one could smell the poop sitting in my panties. Squishing up my ass crack and all over my cheeks! Do you want to see my dirty panties? Ive been wearing these nasty shit panties for hours and hours! Oh gross! Look at that mess! All of that poop has been sitting in my panties! Theres no way my family couldnt smell this disgusting mess! Im so turned on now! My panties stink so good! It makes my cunt all drippy and excited! I need to cum! I take my dirty shit panties and rub the poop all over my horny clit! Oh, Im such a nasty scat girl! Enjoy! Download Humiliating Skidmark Panties! movie

Diarrhea from Mistress Emily

In this video I make my toilet slave swallow my diarrhea. Hes just a toilet – nothing more. He licks the dirty soles of my shoes. I know hell get what I needed. I needed his mouth and tongue to serve me. I spit in his mouth. If he wants to be my toilet – he must fulfill all that I need at any time. Now open your mouth wide my personal toilet, and be ready to eat all my shit. You just a loser. Download Diarrhea from Mistress Emily movie

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