Lucky Slave

One of my domestic livestock has to make the great fortune to keep my girlfriends Sweetbaby, Miss Cherrie, Miss Jane and me company. Of course, just we have fun and let the loser dance to our tune. Various tasks such as massaging feet, feet licking, serve as a carpet, are among its functions such as the ground with his tongue. And finally, to swallow the piss of Miss Cherrie, Miss Jane and me. Also he was allowed to leave shit by Jane in the face. If the time was not a happy day for a slave * Smile *. Download Lucky Slave movie

The peoples scat champion!

A powerful woman is always a huge turn on. Their muscles can push authority over you at anytime. This prospect is enough to make any man hard! Couple together a powerful woman and a woman who is prepared to deliver her sweet scat for the audience and what you have is a GODDESS! She first shows off her great body before depositing her sweet shit which she rubs over her body in much the same way as a body builder would use oil to enhance the shine of her body. Her fans love it, and she is humble enough to allow her fans to join her on stage to sample her sweetness. As a people champion, she rewards them as they reward her! Download The peoples scat champion! movie

White Shorts Shit! EFRO

I just got these super sexy white shorts! The fit me so well and I love how white they are. But they would be a lot sexier if they were stained with my shit! Dont you think? I dance around in my shorts and talk dirty to you until I cant wait any longer! I let out a huge stream of pee! I love the wet look on my shorts! But I really need to poop now! I slowly let out a nice big turd. You can see a bulge growing in the back of my shorts! A big dark brown bulge! Oh! My white shorts are filled with my poop now! It feels so good! I love how warm and squishy my shorts feel! I slowly lower my shorts and push out another turd. My ass is so dirty! There is shit all up my crack! Its so sexy! Enjoy! Download White Shorts Shit! EFRO movie

Watch Me Shit For You!

Its time for another amazingly, sexy EFRO video! Watch as I push out seven amazing, big, hot, stinky loads of shit, just for you! I love knowing you are watching me poop! Do you get as turned on as I do when you see those beautiful, brown turds work their way out of my stink hole? Ive got seven perfectly, sexy loads for you to watch in this video! I hope you enjoy this amazing EFRO video as much as I enjoyed making it! Download Watch Me Shit For You! movie

Housewife Prepares Poop Pork Curry for Hubby! – Full Movie

Her husband has peculiar food tastes and as his wife, shes has to comply with it. Hes going to be home soon and she needs to prepare his dinner. She takes off her clothes and then she cooks the breaded pork chops. She sets the meat on the plate and then she squats over it. She ejects soft and sticky shit which will serve as the porks curry sauce, just the way her hubby likes it! Download Housewife Prepares Poop Pork Curry for Hubby! – Full Movie movie

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