Cock locked and mouth shitted

My little poor shit eater since now is going to wear a chastity belt: cumming and erections are not for shit eater pigs like him. In the video I will excite him with the CB locking his useless cock, making him suffer, put her balls blue and kicking them for more fun! hahaha what a fucking loser… Then I make him drink my stinky pee directly of my beautiful pussy and for ending shit in his mouth, puting down the shit with my nice feet! For contact me or tributing: dominascatha@gmail Download Cock locked and mouth shitted movie

Shit Head! Part 2: Shitting, Eating, and Gagging

Ive just covered my ENTIRE head in 10 loads of shit! But Ive got another load in my ass! Its time to shit out a nice big fresh load of poop! I stand up and shove my ass into the camera and grunt and push those sexy, stinky, fresh turds out! They fall to the floor of the tub with a splat! I look back at you with my head covered in shit and smile! Im very hungry, I think its time for breakfast! Good thing I have some nice warm poop to eat! I pick up a turd and take a big bite out of it! I start to chew but immediately gag! Mmm! It makes my pussy gush! I get so horny when I taste my shit! Even though I gag so hard and puke a little I keep on chewing that shit! I bite off pieces until Ive chewed up the entire load! I keep puking it up but I dont care! I think its hot! Download Shit Head! Part 2: Shitting, Eating, and Gagging movie

Shitting in the bathroom

In this video I take a bath and caress my legs and boobs. I have a close-up shot of my big ass, I shit for my dirty slut. In this day, I have a lot of shit. So you can see how much my shit you must eat if you come to me, fucking looser. Also, I smear my shit all over my body, thighs and boobs. You can represent how you lick shit from my body, dirty bitch. You only toilet for me and I will shit in your mouth any time at all. Download Shitting in the bathroom movie

I Pooped on the Public Shithole!

This shithole is like the glory hole but instead of asking for cock, the occupants is asking for feces. One day I went to a popular shithole and I found someone whos begging to eat my shit. So I squatted over the hole and unloaded my sticky and foul-smelling turd. Dude opened his mouth and took it all in! Damn! Download I Pooped on the Public Shithole! movie

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