The Shit Eater comes to late P1

Both Scatqueens have small bowl already filled well with spit. With a short command he swallows the hole spit from the Scatqueens. Now the slave must go in shit eater position and lie down. But before his mouth is filled up with shit, the ladies tramples at him and even spits in his slaves face and his slaves mouth. Then Lady Domi has to poop and fills the mouth of the slaves with their shit. Download The Shit Eater comes to late P1 movie

Giant 3 Day Load!

I love holding my shit until I feel like I am ready to burst! I suffer for three whole days desperate to push out a huge load of shit! I get off on the way my asshole clenches closed. It works so hard to keep all the shit inside of me! I always fart a lot when I hold my poop in for days. I never know if I?m just going to let out a fart or if it will be my poop! This video starts after one and a half days of holding my poop. I am farting and starting to feel the desperate need to shit but I am going to hold it for another day and a half! My goal is three days! Finally the day has come! I?ve held this big stinky load in my ass for too long! I am ready to shit it out! I get dressed up in my favorite sunflower dress! I dance around and tease myself. I know I can?t hold it for much longer but I love the way my belly cramps and my poop is trying to find its way out of my ass! I get all sweaty and cranky because I have to poo so bad! But as soon as I know it?s time to let it all out, I get so happy and euphoric! I get down on my hand and knees and face my ass toward you. I am going to give you quite the show! I want you to see the turds trying to push their way out! You can see my little sphincter desperately trying to keep closed! But it?s too late! A little turd pops out! And then all this shit come BURSTING out of my ass! Oh my god! There is so much! It just keeps coming out! Like a big shitty waterfall! It feels amazing to finally get all that shit out after days and days of holding! I feel so turned on and so relived! Enjoy! Download Giant 3 Day Load! movie


CUSTOM REQUEST – “The scene opens with you and another Mistress sitting on the sofa with your bare feet resting on the face and body of Niky who is lying next to you. You are chatting about trivial matters when your slave enters and approaches you on his hands and knees and with head bowed. Shyly, he says he is hungry. You caress his neck and, as you hold out your foot to his lips, say you will feed him soon. The camera follows him as he goes to his place beneath the toilet seat. Intrigued, the other Mistress asks what you will give him to eat. Much to her incredulous surprise you smile and say, “my shit”. You tell her that because your slave has come to you saying he is hungry he will not be allowed to leave until he has both been fed and worshipped your feet. You rise from the sofa and go to feed your slave while your astonished friend looks on. (if your friend has no problems with scat, she could also try to feed him or at least to quench histhirst) With her feet resting on Niky your fellow Mistress notices that she is agitated and nervous and asks why this is. You tell her you are coming and, as you do, you realise that Niky also wants to eat. Much to your anger Niky murmurs her confirmation of this. You call her a “real bitch” and with your feet on her face and the camera close up throughout you order Niky to confess how deep is her submission and her love for you and how it all began. Your slave crawls toward you to kiss and sniff the feet of your friend. She rubs her feet in his face and , if she has not already fed him, asks if he is ready to be fed by her also. to which he readily agrees.The dialogue is crucial. It needs to make clear how much the slaves are both devoted to you, servile and submissive in the extreme, subdued by your beauty and strong personality . You were born to dominate and to be adored, without need to command. They give themselves to you completely, without limitation and you take them with their own identities gone.I really hope that you can make this video. I want so much to hear Niky and the slave tell you that they cannot live without you, without showing their endless devotion and without licking your feet and without eating, their existence would make no sense. I love you so much Sweet and Cruel Lady… so much. ” Download MISTRESS GAIA – SHIT HUMILIATION movie

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