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Girlfriends Throw a Scat Party! – Full Movie

They are gathered together, just like in a regular slumber party. Only this has got to be the most disgusting slumber party ever made. The girls are shitting and peeing on the paper-covered floor, and there is smelly mess everywhere! The chicks takes off their clothes and starts making out amidst the pee and scat! They smear shit all over their bare skin and they lick off the disgusting slime as if its chocolate syrup! Download Girlfriends Throw a Scat Party! – Full Movie movie

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Lady Devil – Notorious Wanker P2

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This is how you Cum..

– The new mask I ordered for my fiance came in the mail today and he wanted to get off. So I told him the only way he could get off is if he put the mask on and let me sit on his face. Hahaha but he didnt know how much pain I was in from eating Casa Fiesta earlier that day, the gas was awful. Considering this new mask I got specifically to torture him is a sensory deprivation mask.. with a padded blindfold and ear pads built inside and strapped down tightly.. he wont even hear whats going on. Only taste it. Oh, I forgot to mention that the mask has an open mouth gag/tube going straight to the back of his throat so hell have no choice but to hold his mouth open and take whatever I pump into that hole… I fart right into his mouth with my ass sealed to it and smother him completely until I can tell hes about to cum.. but I wont make it that easy on him.. Ive been holding in my pee until after we were done but I think Ill just spin around and put this little tube between his lips to an even bigger test. Hahaa lets see if he can still cum now!! —— This mask will make more appearances as its a new favorite toy of mine. Includes a lace up back and multiple straps around the neck, over the head and under the jaw, and over the eyes to completely leave him deaf and in the dark. With optional padlocks if I so choose;) and the GREATEST part.. It has an open mouth TUBE gag extending about an inch and a half into his lips with an attached plug I can use to completely trap and seal whatever I put down that tube until he swallows it. Im sure you can imagine what ideas I have in mind.. Download This is how you Cum.. movie

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