30 LOADS – Part 2 Hole Fucking

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CUSTOM REQUEST – You lead a male slave on all 4s on a leash into the room. He must kneel on the floor with his forehead on the floor. You fill a baby bottle with your golden nectar and a plate with your caviar. You grab him by his hair and you push his face over the pile of caviar and command him to smell it for some time with your boot on the back of his head. Then you make him lie down on his back on the floor and you sit on his chest/stomach and push the baby bottle in his mouth and order him to drink your champagne. You also take the plate with your caviar and a spoon and you put the caviar into the slaves mouth with the spoon. To ensure that the caviar remains in his mouth you ruthlessly gag him with your gloved hand. You repeat this feeding-procedure multiple times and you slap his face and spit at him during his feeding. At the end you fill his mouth with the remaining caviar and you duct tape him and tell him to crawl around on his belly you while you are kicking his ass, bevor you tell him to crawl into the corner and kneel there. Download MISTRESS GAIA – BABY FEEDING SCAT SLUT – HD version movie

Massive POV Shit

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