Poopy Diaper Baby Eats Her Poop!

This is Part 1: Poopy Diaper Baby And Part 2: Diaper Baby Eats Her Poop! Part 1: Im an adult baby! I wear diapers and I use them too! I use them real good! I love to pee and poo in my big thick diapers! It makes me feel so good! So Cute! And so small! I have on a nice thick diaper today! Daddy is not home right now though. And he says that Im not allowed to take my diaper off myself. So if I do have to fill my diaper I will have to sit in it until he gets home to change me! But I am feeling a rumbling in my tummy! I really need to poo! I know its going to be awful sitting in my poop all day but I really need to go! I cant control it! I squat down and start to push! I love to grunt and groan as I poop! I make cute little face and moan too! It just feels so good to fill my diaper full of poo! Oh yum! Uh ohs! Daddy wont be home for hours! What am I going to do!? I am so stinky now! And my poo is sticking to my bum! I dont like being a stinky girl! I want Daddy to change me! I dont know what to do now! I guess I just have to sit here in my stinky! Yuck! Part 2: Daddy is so upset that I pooped in my diaper! He told me I have to stand in the corner so I dont make a mess and get my poop everywhere! I dont like standing in the corner! And I dont like that he wont change my dirty, poopy diaper! It is so sticky and stinky! I wish I could just take my diaper off and play with my poopy mess! Daddy would not like that! But, if you promise not to tell him… Ill show you all the dirty things I like to do! I love the smell of my poop! Im a cute little baby, you know! And babies love to play with their messy diapers! I start by taking my diaper off and really showing you the mess on my bum and in my diaper! My poo has smeared all over! Mmm! It smells so good! I just want a taste! I scoop a little bit on my finger and pop it into my mouth! Oh yum! Im such a naughty baby! Eating poop out of my own messy diaper! Oh but I just cant help it! I love being a dirty girl! I lick my diaper and eat more poo and all kind of naughty things! I know youll enjoy this video! Just dont tell daddy! Download Poopy Diaper Baby Eats Her Poop! movie

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