Worker-slave is made to pee-slave

My dungeon normally owns the adequate slave for each service, but exceptionally one of my ladies had borrowed the toilet slave for a party. Too bad for labor-slave, that he had, contrary to its original purpose to open his mouth today. Because not only I but also Miss Jane needed hard to pee, it was just double bad luck for him *smile*. Download Worker-slave is made to pee-slave movie


Godess was again full of diarrhea today and she must empty only in a mouth. She call her toilet boy and use it to defecate a huge Diarrhea inside his mouth and stomach. Its a great job to be a full toilet for a Godess like her. New movies also in our other stores : Scatdominaandtoilet and eatingallshitfromgodess check them and buy them to help us going further Download DIARRHEA IN RED DRESS movie

Slave cleans my Gassy Ass

Why should any goddess need toilet paper when her slave is around? Slave tongues feel much better and do a way better job. I make sure to show the camera how filthy my ass is before calling my slave over to lick me clean, tonguing deep inside to make sure every spec of filth is gone. Farting repeatedly all over his tongue and filling his cheeks in the process to make it even more humiliating. Lick my filthy farting ass slave!! There must have been some left over because my gas wasnt the only thing going into his mouth… Download Slave cleans my Gassy Ass movie

Filled up with scat and pee from 3 ladies

In a little drinking game I have some drinks with the girls. Our slave is used as cuspidor, toilet and tampon swallower. We spit and pee in his mouth again and again. As delicious add on Miss Jane and me shit in his mouth also. His little cock is painfully sucked to a normal size with our enlargement pump, so the slave looks like a real man. *smile* Sweetbaby nearly vomits on him, but the lucky guy has in the end only 4 times pee and 2 times scat to swallow. Download Filled up with scat and pee from 3 ladies movie

Ass splash MP4

TM drops some chocolate logs so heavy that as soon as they hit the toilet the water plops and splashes on that big round ass of hers. Ive never seen dumps that were so heavy. Download Ass splash MP4 movie

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