25 Loads! Instructions (GoPro Version)

This is the same as the 25 loads instructions but it is filmed with my GoPro so you get a much wider angle. This is the seventh installment of my 25 load adventure! In this video I have decided to instruct you on collecting 25 loads of poop. I want you to save up 25 loads of you poop then I will tell you what to do with them. Once you have your 25 loads we begin with admiring the huge load. Then we begin smearing all over! Your entire body will be covered in shit! Yes, even your face! You will do exactly as I say in the video and follow along. If you are good, then Ill let you stroke your shit covered cock and Ill even let you cum! Enjoy! Download 25 Loads! Instructions (GoPro Version) movie

Dirty Talk and POV shitting

With my hot Dirty Talk i make you so horny,come and wixx you cock when you see my in my sexy red Pantys!! I Love anal,come and lick my asshole…..i shit POV brown Pralines for you,want you eat the brown Dessert?The camera have a very good Position,you can my Rosette so good see when the shit comes!! Download Dirty Talk and POV shitting movie

Mistress Anna – Shitting Twice

SHITTING TWICE You get to see me walk into the room and you observe my graceful beauty from above as I walk around the slave, stalking my prey. I am wearing a classic black lace dress and high-heels but, as my skin is so flawless, I have no need for hose or panties. The toilet is helpless with its arms bound and legs tied to the wall. As I apply nipple clamps I lean forward, saying, You are a toilet. You are my toilet. I allow it to worship my shoes only. Its legs and ass offer an inviting target for my riding crop but stupidly struggles to get away. I remove my shoes and stand on the slaves shoulder and squat down with my heavenly beautiful asshole directly on the slaves tongue. Like a suckling baby pig, it licks and sucks my asshole as if its life depends on it. Attached to my asshole it literally sucks the shit from my holy asshole. I rise to look back at it, a picture of degradation with a dollop of shit in its mouth. Later I return and with the need to shit again. I place a toilet seat over its head and bestow another priceless gift in its worthless face. The slave has a free hand starts touching itself, masturbating just like you are now, yes? In a rare instance of kindness, I decide to assist the slave in degrading itself and begin to masturbate the toiletboy. Though the slave is too repulsive for any woman to want have sex with it, for some reason it has a fairly large penis. A dick is a terrible thing to wasteon a toilet! But I enjoy jerking it off and, when it spews, I enjoy making it clean up its pig juice even more. Slaves should never be allowed to experience pleasure without being degraded. Imagine the shame the pervert feels with the taste of shit still in its mouth and in its post-orgasm depression eating its own seaman! But you dont have to imagine. I know you are giggling your tiny penis while you drool over my beauty and imagine being my toilet. Admit it! Accept your destiny! Debase yourself and beg to be worthy of my shit. Now finish masturbating and eat your own cum! Do it, toilet! As you put your repulsive pus in your mouth say the words out loud, i am a toilet. i am YOUR TOILET, MISTRESS ANNA. Dont you wish you could say those words to me? Download Mistress Anna – Shitting Twice movie


The cock stucks in a testicle-pillory, the feet and hands are fixed. We have positioned our defenseless slave to play a bit. Completely at our mercy, he has to endure everything what Miss Jane and I will do to him and his genitals now. To drink, he gets our piss and as a main course I give him my fresh caviar. Download CBT-Shit movie

Kate_piss_fart scat

Kate_piss_fart …. Kate has been drinking water and juice for the whole day to make her slave drunk with urine. Kate pisses in his mouth, but he cant swallow the urine of his Mistress, in addition she farts right into his mouth. Kate places shit in her slaves mouth and tortures his body with heels. Kate tied the slave to a special table for torture. At first, Kate pissed into the slaves mouth, and then she began to emit liquidchocolate poop. His mouth was full. This video was shot with three cameras! Enjoy the video from different angles. Download Kate_piss_fart scat movie

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