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MistressAnna – Nasty Farts And Shit

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Hello there sissy boy! Are you ready to get all pretty and sissied up!? Im going to turn you into such a pretty girl! Im going to do your make up and put you in a pretty pink dress! Im going to put mascara on your eyes and red lipstick on your lips. Then we are going to go out and run errands. We are going to go to the grocery store and to the mall. All with you looking like a dirty little sissy boy! You like it when I dress you up as a girl dont you!? It turns you on so much to be my little sissy! I have a special surprise for you, sissy boy. I know how much you like my panties, so Im going to let you wear them! Only, Im going to fill them up with something very special for you! A nice, stinking load of shit! We are going to go to the mall with you wearing a pink dress and make up and my filthy shitty panties! Not only are you going to look like a girl but youre going to smell like shit too! Enjoy, sissy boy. Download Sissy Boy�s Poopy Panties movie

199.2 SCAT Lesson 1 English Italian

199.2 Now my first lesson of English / Italian become more intresting! How? With my pee and my poo!!!!!! The day before I eat a tastefull Milanense zaffrain rice and my poo is very hard to do, during this lesson i do IT on a tray (because i have not a slave under my ass) and i need a lot of time!!! Remember… Im your italians teacher and you must listen and repeat. i know, i do very crazy video, but this is a beautifull idea to study italian! Italian for bdsm, of course! The clip is in english. MP4 Download 199.2 SCAT Lesson 1 English Italian movie

Scat, pee and vomit for our slaves cattle

Our slave thinks, tha all is done after some cleaning and feet massaging… But he was terribly wrong. Because I needed to go already, I used him as a toilet. While he tried to stand that and vomitted repeatedly, Jordan Star puked on him several times! I allowed him to sweep all the mush shit, piss and vomit together with his hands and to swallow it again and again! When he was not able to stand more, he greased all the residues over his whole body for our amusement!!! Download Scat, pee and vomit for our slaves cattle movie

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