Thanksgiving day dump Iphone/Ipod

New comer Thai Michelle shares her after thanksgiving feast dump with you. She usually has a personal slave to eat her dump but he wasnt around for the holiday so she had to use an actual toilet this time. She has a killer turd cutter and drops some hefty apples for you to enjoy. Judging by how much she dumped I would say she ate well. Download Thanksgiving day dump Iphone/Ipod movie

Eating Meagans dump for dinner WMV

This is 21 year old Meagans first time using a human toilet. Shes a tall red head with a perfect bubble butt who fed the toilet a huge shit load which he gobbled down like a true toilet should. As an added bonus we put the shit eating action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Eating Meagans dump for dinner WMV movie


Godess wear a high heels, so sexy, and put a pair of black spandex leggings, to can fill them with hot shit and diarheea !!! It was exactly as Godess expected, a hugeee torent of diarheea fill her leggings and she was so messy on ass, pussy and more than that. she wrote a message for her toilet slaves, means, you, will be her toilet, soon !! A very nice and sexy clip made by mistress herself, in bathroom with camera on tripod. Tomorrow we will make a new movie, toilet slavery request from a member of us. Stay tuned and take this offer until 31.12.2015 please !!! Download GORGEOUS DIARHEEA MADE BY MISTRESS IN SPANDEX LEGGINGS !!! movie

Public Bathroom Farts! (GoPro)

I am in a public store bathroom! And I have to fart so bad! I can?t help but let those farts rip out of my ass! I am so embarrassed but also turned on! But then, someone walks in and starts to use the next stall! I can?t hold my farts in! I let a huge one rip out of my ass! Oh! It?s so loud! I know the woman in the other stall heard me! Oh it?s so embarrassing! But so hot! After she leave I decide to get really adventurous! I open the door to the stall I?m in and let out a huge fart! Anyone could have walked in and saw my big ass ripping out huge, stinky farts! Enjoy! This video was filmed with my gopro! Download Public Bathroom Farts! (GoPro) movie

Mistress Roberta – Pantyhose and pee play -full

Today my subby boyfriend will be my toy and his body will be fully used and teased alot until he will cum so first i decide to let him worship my ass and pussy tough my pantyhose while i play a little bit with his cock scratch him, play with his nipples and constantly move in different positions even tease him with my pantyhose on his cock after handjob , a foot job is perfect with my perfect soles and handjob tease again, while i am stroking my subby boyfriends cock i am planning to alow him to cum only if i pee on his cock while he strokes it but i just didnt realise that he will cum just when my hot pee will touch his cock realising how much he likes it but before that he gets alot of handjob teasing lots of it . Download Mistress Roberta – Pantyhose and pee play -full movie

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