Drunk dipshit

My friend ?Miss Atrax? and I have the same opinion in having fun. We find a drunk dipshit, who is sleeping. He sleeps so deep, that he does not feel me shitting in his face. He is kicked and trampled by us and is made to eat the shit. The guy is so drunk, that he thinks we serve a delicious meal for him. So why does he sleep drunk on the street ? it is his own guilt. *laugh* Download Drunk dipshit movie

Miranda dips the slave in a toilet bowl

Miranda shits in the slaves mouth, having placed a gag therein so that it could stay open. Miranda pushes the used toilet paper into his mouth, fills it with shit. Now Mistress drags a slave to the toilet to dip the head therein. She puts his head in the toilet, closes the lid and sits down on his head, scratches boots on the unfortunate servant, she spits in his face and then plunges his head into the toilet, presses the head with boots and he cant lift his head, drains water to wash away the remnants of shit on his face. Download Miranda dips the slave in a toilet bowl movie

New studio toilet

Our new studio toilet could work really well. But it is a rebellious slave under it, the seemingly much has still necessary to education. Actually, it would be an honor for our slave, to be allowed to swallow the golden shower of mine, Miss Cherrie and Miss Jane. Maybe the two liters of piss and spit were too much for his inexperienced mouth. It has not helped him to fight back. Although we had to use the whip, but ultimately the slave understands that it is better to be working right. Download New studio toilet movie

Schoolgirl Tries Human Toilet for the First Time

Shes heard all about human toilets from her friends so she decides to try it herself. She scouts for one that is clean and eager enough for her chunks of shit. She hikes up her skirt, pulls down her panties and then unloads yesterdays dinner into his mouth. The eager human toilet swallows every bit of shit she pushes out of her asshole. Download Schoolgirl Tries Human Toilet for the First Time movie

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