060.2 MISTRESS Isabella DISHWASHING human Machine

060.2 Now, my DISHWASHING human Machine eat and clean the dish of my shit….. Again 29 min of video, and here there are the second half hour of this video 060 during 1 hour and an half. It is in Italian but you can hear my very beautifull voice, i have a very beautifull voice and also if you do not understand … you can dream … and also you can phone me, i speak english, french and spanish! Go on my free website and find my email and my phone! MP4 Download 060.2 MISTRESS Isabella DISHWASHING human Machine movie

Mommy is dancing and shitting for her baby

My adult son is sitting on the floor in our living room.I come home from work, im dressed elegantly with boots and a short dress. Im asking my son if I can do something for him. He is not sure, but I notice that he is looking at my sexy legs. Im thinking that i should dance for him.He likes the idea very much. While im dancing i allow him to look under my dress. After some minutes i ask if he wants to see something very special. And of course he wants. I start pissing and pooping for him, and he is in heaven and he love to watch that. Im pooping on the floor and show him me wonderful dirty ass. My baby is so excited, so i continue to dance in front of him with my dirty asshole naked. in the end my son cum for me , thats my boy, such a good boy:D Download Mommy is dancing and shitting for her baby movie

Poo And Wipe!

Ive got to poop! But I dont want to go in the toilet! What a waste! I want you to watch me shit for you! I can feel a nice stinky load in my ass and it is so ready to come out! I hope you enjoy watching me shit! Once this big load is out of me! I can feel how dirty my asshole is! I need to clean it really bad! Luckily Ive got a roll of toilet paper at the ready! Do you want to watch me wipe my dirty, shitty asshole until its nice and clean!? Enjoy! Download Poo And Wipe! movie

Call of Nature P1

The slave cleans just the room as Mistress Michelle and Lady Marie arrive. Immediate needs the slave to lie down on the floor because Lady Marie must urgently shit. Today it is also a bit softer than usual, almost diarrhea, hahaha. But no matter, the toilet slave has to swallow. Then Mistress Michelle peeing in the mouth of the toilet slave and sits down on the toilet seat. Download Call of Nature P1 movie

Golden Shower P1

Mistress Michelle and her girlfriend are together with a toiletslave. The girlfriend is very dirty and after they put herself grapes in her asshole she shits them out into the mouth of the slave and she pisses in his mouth with a hard jet. Download Golden Shower P1 movie

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