The mouth of my slave is a real sewer which deserves all my shit. I have a lot of shit, today! So, I discharge on his mouth to form a kind of pyramid of shit. Feel that smells good? But today my little slave has some difficulty swallowing, so I order him to swallow by closing his mouth with the adhesive tape. A video priceless because I shot it personally, only for my depraved admirers! Download MISTRESS GAIA – OPEN GOOD THIS SEWER! – mobile version movie

060.1 Italian Style SCAT

060.1 This is a TOP video of 29 minutes with a very, true, italian style of scat. I have no words to describe, 29 min is a long time, and it is only the beginning because the video 060 is during 1 hour and an half. Let you see it. Im Mistress Isabella, i upload my video on my self and it is not easy doing from Sardinia. Im from Milaan but i live in a wonderfull island, and, sometime like now, to have a good internet connctinon from here it is hard, hard like my turds. MP4 Download 060.1 Italian Style SCAT movie

First shit 2015 and so much

It was our first scat shooting in 2015 and it looks like we would have not have a shitting this year yet 🙂 we shit so much a big big pile of stinky shit in slaves mouth. This loser laying in the tube his face covered with our shit and he need to eat it slowly until last piece. yummy yummy yummy Shiting Cats 2015 Download First shit 2015 and so much movie

Shitting a very thick and soft sausage

What a shit!! He must going out on my Rosette…..a very very long,thick and soft sausage comes out and he comes more thin shit!! Wow,a so very big portion of shit and my asshole is so smeary…..want you see my big shit? A big sausage and too much soft and thin shit on the floor!! Can you eat this big shit and lick the thin shit from the floor? Come on Slave,make my happy!! Download Shitting a very thick and soft sausage movie

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