Emily scat saturation

The action begins with the fact that I go into the room and begins to caress myself. I wore my new shoes and I want that my slave licked them. My slave is lying on the table. I thrust a heel in his mouth and he licks my shoes and feet. Then I sit down on his face and begin to shit in his mouth. After my shitting, a slave is obliged to thank me for a delicious dinner. I want you ate it all and enjoyed the taste of my shit. I like to spit in your mouth full of my shit, dirty whore. Im so angry, and make you eat everything, bitch – I shove all my shit in your throat. Download Emily scat saturation movie

Pooping in white pants while constipated

I just got home and I really need to poop! I think Im not gonna be able to get to the bathroom before its too late. I have to poop in my pants!.. It feels so strange having that hard bump in my pants, I have to touch it and play with it. I sit on a bar chair and my pants get messier. I want to take the pants off to see whats inside Oh I made a mess! My butt cheeks are filthy! I take a look at the shit inside my pants. Then I sit down on the floor and look at my dirty ass and pussy. I know I should not feel like this but I feel so dirty and horny! I start rubbing my clit with my fingers. I wish my boyfriend was here right now to lick my ass clean and fuck me! The clip ends with a close-up of the inside of my poop filled white pants. Download Pooping in white pants while constipated movie

Lady Joice First Time P1

Mistress Michelle is presenting her Girlfriend Lady Joice on of her toilet slaves. The slave has the task for today to build up some shelves. But first of all he has to lick clean the boots of Lady Joice who is amused about the scene and he gets a hard faceslap from Mistress Michelle. Then he has to prepare the toilet seat in front of the ladies and place herself under the seat with an open mouth. The first Lady who is used the toilet seat is Lady Joice who is peeing into the mouth of the toilet slave and laugh about it. Shortly after she is watching how Mistress Michelle is shitting and pissing into the same mouth too. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Lady Joice First Time P1 movie

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