Mommys Poopy Diaper

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Shit eating is an honour after humiliation

With so many skills, Godess humiliate her toilet slave in every way she feel it today ! She fuck his asshole, fingering him, spitting, beating him, cbt, high heels on his cock and balls, hurting his body all for her dirtiest pleasures !! And after all . . .slave was ready as usually to receive his prize : a new meal directly from Godess holes. She fill his dirty mouth again with her royal KAVIAR and PISS and waiting for him to cumm for her pleasure while eating and swallowing . Download Shit eating is an honour after humiliation movie

Captive slave trampled and shitted on!

This caged slave is thankful for being released out of his cage but it is not for exercise. It is for punishment! He is ordered to position himself under the human toilet stool and his mistress gives him a fresh delivery of her brown sausage directly into his mouth and he consumes it like a hungry dog. His thanks… is to be trampled with his mistresses high heels poking into his skin! Download Captive slave trampled and shitted on! movie

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