10 Loads of Shit! Playtime All!

This video is all three 10 Loads Playtime videos! Smearing Ive collected 10 loads of my own shit! I pushed each beautiful load of shit out and saved it in my freezer. Now all of those turds are defrosted and ready for me to play with them! I start by dumping all of the shit out into a HUGE pile! I scoop up the pile of shit and admire the beauty of my shit! Each load is so different and sexy in its own way! I cant wait to smear all of this shit all over myself! With this much shit Im sure to get 100% covered in poop! The first things I do is take the entire 10 loads and splat it right on my chest and cover my huge tits! Oh! My shit is still a little cold! My body will warm it up in no time! This shit is perfect for smearing! I am smearing it on really thick! I want to feel my shin covered in layers of poop! I want to smell like my own turds for days after! I get so turned on by smearing huge mountains of shit all over myself! This is one of the most arousing feeling in the world! Watch as I cover my body in shit while taking dirty to you! This is an amazing scat smearing video! Pussy Stuffing Ive just smeared my body with 10 moist loads of my shit! Ive got poop all over the outside of my body! Now its time to get poop on the inside of my body too! I grab a handful of my shit and just start stuffing it up my cunt! There is so much shit and its so sticky too! It gets everywhere! I am making a huge mess but I can definitely feel some shit going up inside of me! Oh! It feels so amazing to be stuffing my cunt with shit! I know soon Ill be shitting all that poop out of my cunt too! I take huge handfuls of my 10 loads of shit and stuff my cunt full! I can almost fit my entire shitty hand up my shitty cunt! I am shit fisting my cunt and it feels amazing! I love getting to feel so much poop inside of me! Inside of my cunt! I know poop doesnt belong in this hole but I cant help it! It just feels too fucking good! Face Smearing I have 10 loads of shit smeared all over my body and up my cunt! Now its time to take the freshest 10th load and smear it all over my face! Ive been saving this load! I love smearing my face with nice warm shit fresh from my shithole! Fresh shit always smells and tastes the best! And this load is perfect for smearing all over my face! I talk dirty to you as I coat my face in a thick layer of stinky brown shit! I take handfuls and push it into my face! I even take a handful of poop and stuff it into my mouth! mm! Its delicious! Dont I look sexy with all this shit all over my face and in my mouth!? It feels so fucking good! It makes me feel really pretty when I am covered in poop! And I am covered from head to toe! Inside and out! Enjoy! Download 10 Loads of Shit! Playtime All! movie

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