read and shit

Princess Nikki is an inteligent girl, she not only can shit but also read….why not doing both at the same time. Sure not at the toilett but directly in slaves mouth! Download read and shit movie


Today is a special day for my toilet slave. In fact, in addition to being swamped by an avalanche of shit, I shit straight in the mouth, he will have the honor of receiving the piss in the face of my friend. A delicious mixture, kindly offered by two young women … but maybe because of the amount of shit really exaggerated, or for the humiliation inflicted by the presence of my young friend, the slave can not eat it all … and even to cum on command! But in order to get out of there, Ill give him two choices: finish eating it, or cum with the whole mouth full of shit! Download MISTRESS GAIA – DOUBLE TOILET DOMINATION – mobile version movie

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