Boxing Champ Shits

Boxing blast off! Just got home after a good sparring session and had to shit really bad! I was already pump up from boxing so I left my gloves on and decided to be bossy with you! Throwing in some lefts, some rights, a hook and upper cut and of coarse tell you how much I want you to eat my shit and clean the mess I made…to make matters more intense I get nice and close to the camera and tease you with my shitty ass and has been smeared with shit. Are you ready to be knocked out or eat my shit? Download Boxing Champ Shits movie


I just finished working out and Im all sweaty. The room is invaded by the wonderful aroma of my sweat and my smelly and sweaty socks … but I decided to add another sweet fragrance scents the room: the smell of my shit! And it is right that you train yourself in your favorite sport: I want you to become a true champion-eating shit! Download MISTRESS GAIA SCAT AFTER GYM – MOBILE VERSION movie

Schoolgirls Shit on Me and I Love It! – Full movie

As their prof, Ive been wanting to flunk these spoiled girls because they havent been to school much. But these bitches know my weakness and they want to give me what I want?.fresh scat! After school, they went to my apartment and then they strip me off my clothes and chained my wrists. They take turns sitting over my face and unloading smelly scat, which I took all in my mouth. They shit on a glass bowl and they make me eat it, which I did without protest. Download Schoolgirls Shit on Me and I Love It! – Full movie movie

A Week of Shit ? Pussy Stuffing and Face Smearing

Time for some more dirty, fun scat play! I am covered in a weeks worth of shit! I?ve gotten so horny after playing with all this poop and my fun toys. Now it?s time to stuff my pussy full of shit! I gather up a nice big handful of poop and just start shoving it in my cunt! It?s sticky but I get almost all of it into my pussy! It feels so good being so full of poop! I take my dirty hand and shove it in my pussy. I dig handfuls of shit out of my pussy! Man! I sure shoved a lot up there! My shit smells like my pussy now! How hot would it be to cover my face in poop that had been up my cunt!? Well, that is what I?m going to do! I gather up two big handfuls of shit and smear it all over my face! I completely cover every inch of my pretty, freckled face with my thick, stinky poo! I get my eyes too! I look so pretty with my face coated in shit! I roll around in the tub and write my name on the shower wall! I feel so beautiful when I?m covered in poop! Download A Week of Shit ? Pussy Stuffing and Face Smearing movie


A good nurse always knows what is the best cure for his patient, and above all know what kind of food administer … here, in your case, nothing is better than a large dose of shit, to eat it all, when it is just out, still steaming hot! Youll see how youll feel better, trust me. Download MISTRESS GAIA IS YOUR NURSE movie

Shit Eating Whore

I am a dirty shit eating whore! It is my purpose to shit out big fresh loads of shit and take big, huge bites of my turds and chew them while talking dirty to you! I love nothing more that showing you how filthy and dirty I am! I chew and chew and talk with a mouth full of shit! Watch the drool drip down my mouth! Mmm! My shit taste so good! I know how much it turns me on to shit out big stinky loads and chew them! How about you!? Enjoy! Download Shit Eating Whore movie

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