Fleet Enema In White Panties

Lookie what I have! A fleet enema! I love the way enemas make me lose control of my asshole! I am helpless to the laxative effects! So much wet, disgusting shit is about to come bursting out of my ass! All that shit is going to fill my big, white panties! I pull my panties down and insert the bottle into my ass. I squeeze all the liquid into my shithole! Its cold and I can feel the liquid working its way up inside of me! I quickly pull my panties up and prepare myself for the wet, runny shit to start coming out of my ass! I can feel the wet fluid dribbling out of my ass! It is staining my white cotton panties brown! Soon my ass is farting out nasty wet shit! I pull my panties aside so you can see the mess working its way out of my ass! Ewww! Its so gross! I keep shitting and pushing out wet, runny, diarrhea! My bathroom stinks so bad! I scoop up some of the shit from the floor of my bathtub and smear it all over my dirty panties! They are really ruined now! I pull my panties down and show you all the shit inside of them! Yuck! I feel more shit ready to come out! I bend over and push out a long, skinny turd! My ass crack is filthy! I take my once white panties and stuff them up my ass crack! I have made such a mess! Enjoy! Download Fleet Enema In White Panties movie

184.1 Hard TICKLING, whipping, submission, Nipple torture, GOGNA

184.1 Hallo, this is a SUPERB clip during 20 min of tickling, nipples torture, submission, all that into a GOGNA (translate by yourself). During a 24 / 7 by me in Sardinia, this video is all in Italian but, really, you do not need to understand italian to see it and enjoy yourself a LOT! TOP slave!!!! Download 184.1 Hard TICKLING, whipping, submission, Nipple torture, GOGNA movie

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