Bag Of DoOoM!

Its time for another amazing public shit adventure!!! This adventure starts with me in my bathroom admiring a nice big bag of day old shit and a little baggie with a fresh turd in it!! I want to get really dirty with this adventure! I take a big chunk of day old shit and put it in my pretty little polka dot shoes! Then I slowly slip my feet into my shitty shoes! Oh god it feels so good to squish my feet in my shit! I can feel the shit between my toes and around my feet! Yum! Next, its time to rub my horny, hairy pussy with my shit! I get my pussy nice a dirty! I am desperate to cum but Im going to save the orgasm until the end! Its time to smear my face with shit! I love covering my pretty smiling face with my dirty stinky shit! Adventure Time! Its time for a little drive! I have shit all over my face and all over my pussy and in between my toes! My pussy is dripping at the thought of anyone catching me covered in shit! It turns me on so much! I find a nice little spot to get out of the car and show off my shitty squishy toes and my poo covered pussy! I love standing out on the street where anyone could see me! My pussy get so wet and turned on! On the drive home I get out my little baggie of doom! I love sniffing my fresh shit! I lick the turd and take a nice little bite! I show off the chunk of turd in my mouth! MMMM! Finally I get back home! Its time to cum! I rub my dirty poo covered pussy and talk dirty to you until I cum so hard! I love making dirty nasty poo adventure videos! Enjoy! Download Bag Of DoOoM! movie

Public shitting!

A young girl at a public beach strolling along and suddenly feel like going to the toilet!!! RIGHT THERE at the beach! She was told to eat it? in the end she scooped her own shit with her bare hands Download Public shitting! movie

Hot Girls abused male Toilet – Incredible scat torture

The male toilet is beaten, kicked and tortured. Again and again shits on his face and into his mouth. Under merciless orders, he was torture to swallow the shit. Brutally, the shit will be stuffed into his cum. The worst is the extreme piss and scat torture. Everyone knows how hard it is to breathe with a wet cloth on the face. Especially when the mouth is full of shit and then the girls piss in his nose. A really incredibly hard scat torture! Main thing the ladies had their fun and could properly run on the slave! Download Hot Girls abused male Toilet – Incredible scat torture movie


I have a really full belly, so I have so much shit to pour into the mouth of my toilet slave. But not only shit, but also piss and spits! And he swallows everything, absolutely everything. As a real bottomless sewer! A video really extreme for fans of this genre of movie, shot by me just for you, depraved worshipers of your divine Mistress. Download MISTRESS GAIA – EVERYTHING IN HIS MOUTH – mobile version movie

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