Shit in the Rain P1

I am currently very happy to walk in the woods. Of course not alone, would be boring to me, I always need a slave which I can annoy, and he will serve me as I like. I need a mobile toilet in the wood too. Today the slave carries my bag as a special. Finally he walks with a huge bunch of shit in his mouth behind me. Download Shit in the Rain P1 movie

Call of Nature P1

The slave cleans just the room as Mistress Michelle and Lady Marie arrive. Immediate needs the slave to lie down on the floor because Lady Marie must urgently shit. Today it is also a bit softer than usual, almost diarrhea, hahaha. But no matter, the toilet slave has to swallow. Then Mistress Michelle peeing in the mouth of the toilet slave and sits down on the toilet seat. Download Call of Nature P1 movie

Directions On Smearing Go Pro

Follow Along Scat Smearing Video! You love playing with your shit! You love doing as you are told. You get so much pleasure from the smell and the feeling of smearing a fresh load of shit all over your body. You are going to do as I say. You will follow along with this video and smear your shit where I tell you to smear it. You will do everything I tell you to do. Or I wont let you cum. If you are good and follow my directions I may just let you have an amazing powerful shit orgasm! We start with covering our bodies in a nice fresh load of poop. Dont touch your cock yet! I know you want to, but first we must smear our shit all over our tits and belly and legs. I know youre turned on from smearing shit on your most sensitive places but I am in charge here. What I say goes. I need you to prove to me how much you love playing with your shit! Take your shit covered finger and fuck your asshole with your finger! It feels so good doesnt it! You are finger fucking your ass with your shit covered finger! I know you want to cum but youll have to smear your shit all over your face first! Yes, you will have to do as youre told and cover your face with shit if you want to come! If you follow along with this video and smear your shit all over your body just as I tell you, then you can cum. But only when I tell you that you can. If you did not do as you are told, you can not have an orgasm! I have made another hot instructional video for you! This one has a naughty twist and much hotter smearing action. I have also filmed with video with my regular camera and my GoPro so you get both views for the price of one! This is is the same as the Directions On Smearing vidoe only it was filmed with my GoPro! Download Directions On Smearing Go Pro movie

Jealous Office Ladies Ganged up on new girl! Part 1 HD

Part 1 HD – Boss has favorite at the office and its the new girl, maybe because shes prettier than the other girls but she is flirting with him! This displeases the other office girls who are aiming for pay rise! After office hours they ganged up on her in the locker room. They mocked her and demanded her to take her clothes off and then one by one they injected themselves enema and squirted liquid shit out of their asses in her bag and all her stuff that they took out of her locker! By this time, bosses have heard the noise at the ladies locker room. So they went to check it out, only to find their favorite girl is lying on the floor crying and naked.. not only that but she stinks of shit too which made them run away and ordered her to clean herself and get out of the office! Looks like shell be finding a new job! Download Jealous Office Ladies Ganged up on new girl! Part 1 HD movie

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