The dinner last night was great and I digested it all. Now, my toilet-slave is ready to receive into the mouth what that remains of my dinner: shit! After having sniffed my panties well, the shit starts to get out while I still wear them. Never mind: I shift the panties and the shit falls directly into the mouth of my slave. The shit that is most will be kept under the nose and the slave will smell it throughout the full day, adoring! Download MISTRESS GAIA – THE DINNER LAST NIGHT – mobile version movie


As Its a hot day, I poured some juice out for my slave. I came back to find he hadnt drank any of it. I asked him what was wrong with it. He replied it was sour. I informed him it was fresh, and that he was being rude for not drinking it. So I have bound him tightly to the cross and hes going to be punished. I have a nice dressage whip and he will feel real pain. As I begin whipping him he quickly begins to feel real pain. Hes going to wish he had taken his drink. I ask him if his mouth is now dry as he begs me for some water. I tell him hes going to get a drink soon. I get a dog bowl and show it to him. Then after filling it with my pee, I tell him his drink is waiting for him. However, Im not finished punishing him. I go and get some ground salt and using my feet begin shoving it into his mouth. To make sure he swallows it, I give him some footgagging. With his mouth now exceptionaly dry, I tell him its time for his drink. Lifting the dog bowl I pour my pee into his mouth almots chokinghim with it as he swallows. He has had the pleasure of enjoying the juice of Mistress Gaia… Download MISTRESS GAIA – THIRSTY FOR MY PEE – HD version movie

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