Unloading Smelly Scat!

I cant walk anymore but I still have needs. Right now, I need to get my fetish fix and have someone shit on my face. This pretty intern seems submissive enough to do my bidding. So I order her to sit on the chair above me and unload her smelly scat, everything she got! She pushes out soft but solid turd, which directly fell on my mouth. I chewed on her shit like a kid eating his favorite candy. Download Unloading Smelly Scat! movie

Shitting In My Bed

Good Morning! Ive just woken up and I have to shit so bad! I quickly make my bed and bend over baring my big, sexy ass for you to see! You can see the big juicy turds trying to get out! My ass looks so good when its full of poop! I squat down on my bed and push and push those big turds out! Out pops two thick round turds! They are short but oh so thick! I love when I push out big thick turds that stretch my ass open! My asshole is so dirty now! I wish you were here to help me clean it! Since I dont have any toilet paper, I guess I will have to wipe with my hand! I use my hand to wipe my shitty asshole and then lick my hand clean! Mmmm! It tastes so good! I love cleaning my shithole in the dirtiest way possible! Enjoy this sexy shitting video! Download Shitting In My Bed movie

MISTRESS GAIA – Dear Santa… a present for you! – mobile version

– Dear Santa, this year I have a special gift to ask you, the realization of one of my special wish, and since this year I was really very, very good, basically you have no way out, and you will need to fulfill my request. So , when you arrive, lying down and open your mouth, because i want to make you a present: i want to fill your ridiculous big belly with my exquisite shit (so you learn to choose clothes from U.S. multinationals, ahh ahh!) – Your sweet Mistress Gaia Download MISTRESS GAIA – Dear Santa… a present for you! – mobile version movie

Mom wants to fuck her son (huge shit)

Mom cant stop thinking about her Sons cock since their little masturbation session. Her asshole itches like hell when she thinks about him and his cock. It is not enough to just look at it, she needs to feel him deep inside her asspussy. Her Son is in the living room and she has dressed up her sexy black underwear. She steps in and starts teasing her Son while scratching her asshole again and again. Mom becomes so desperate because of this itch she begs him to fuck her. She gets her ass ready for his cock. Finally she fucks him with her shitty asspussy until they cum together and he shoots his load deep inside her. Download Mom wants to fuck her son (huge shit) movie

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