This toilet slave dearly loves to eat my shit. He likes it so much that when it does, I grant him even touching … Today, from its natural habitat, my toilet seat, he can contemplate not only my divine ass hole but also the string of my tampon, that comes out of my lovely pussy . With this wonderful vision before his eyes, he eats everything, full of reverence and gratitude. Download MISTRESS GAIA – MY TOILET SLAVE movie

Five pees in my bathtub with the last pee in a glass

I always have a big urge to pee in the morning. Sometimes its difficult to hold my pee before I get to the bathroom I started pissing in my bathtub cause I can piss in many positions. Morning pee is my favorte because the flow of pee is strong and steady and it feels so good to empty my full bladder.Third piss is with my hand on my crotch. The pee splashes everywhere and is running down my legs. Im surprised I like the sensation of the hot liquid on my legs. When Im done peeing I spread the pee on my legs even more. For the last pee I grab a water glass. I thought the size would be enough but I cant stop peeing and it overflows the glass. Then I pour the pee in the tub and you can ear it going down the drain. Download Five pees in my bathtub with the last pee in a glass movie

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